How to Choose Search Engine Optimization Services ?


Hi, I’m Shailesh Chaudhary currently working as a “SEO Expert” at Media Search Group Digital Marketing Company. Here, I’m writing about “How to choose SEO?” for any online website or business.

Search Engine Optimization is the “Organic” or “Natural” way to Optimize Webpages on major search engines”


It helps to get real and organic customers & also improve website traffic and conversion Rates. But before starting SEO Services , Read following tips with example

SEO Tips 2018:

1) You can check whether their website itself ranks in Google or not.  For exp, an SEO Company in a location, check keywords “SEO Geo” and “Geo SEO”.You can also try “SEO consultant Services Location” or “seo companies” and shortlist the SEO consultants and companies appearing in the top 20 positions or so. This however does not mean that each and every one of these companies or individuals (that rank at the top) is good, expert or best

However for SEO's who are not yet experts getting these top rankings gives good visibility and additional clients and it is recommended by experts like Neil Patel when he wrote in "5 Tactics to Turn a Small SEO Agency Into a National Force First, focus on winning your local SEO terms. For example, if you were an SEO agency in Denver, you would want to win the keywords “SEO Delhi” and SEO Company In Delhi”.

This means if you are on a budget you can find a few good freelance consultants among those ranking on top who can do a good job but you must investigate further. 

2) You can also check out author profiles at other reputed industry websites and recommended SEO consultants by leading SEO Websites: For example Moz has a list of leading SEO Blogs as well as a list of recommended consultants. You can then add the consultants /companies listed here to your shortlist. However the top consultants and companies do not come cheap

3) Second check what they have composed on their site or on surely understand SEO sites about SEO. It is a decent practice to check what a short-recorded SEO organization has composed on their site. This will give you some thought regarding the learning that they have.


4) See on the off chance that they take after the internet searcher's rules


5) Do not pick any individual who sends an email all of a sudden or frosty calls.


6) Check the past work - Ask the SEO to give screen captures of rankings got to past customers and check whether they have any contextual analyses composed on their site.


7) According to Google: No one can ensure a specific positioning and be cautious of organizations who will won't educate you of the progressions they do to your site.

8) Also remember that SEO is a long term process any any SEO who plays by the rules cannot get results overnight.


SEO isn't for everyone? Disagree with that. Yes, there are other options to budget for in generating traffic but the core principals of SEO should underpin any web strategy.


I think you'd have been better suggesting that investing in an SEO consultancy / agency isn't for everyone, but SEO itself is. Even for local businesses - how can they compete? They make their strategy hyper local and focus on the stack / listings / reviews etc.


As you say, aiming for ranks isn't what you should be aiming for - so why dismiss SEO on grounds that 70% of clicks are top 3 listings?